About Head Tings

Head Tings is a handmade hair accessory brand of wearable art meant to inspire! With the unique use of wire, these head bands and wraps are quick and easy to style and provide a healthy dose of sparkle to get your day started.

Founded in 1988 by Xinia Rowe, daughter of Alice Rowe Wesley Barnett Raby, nee in Costa Rica and came to the United States at the age of 10. Initially brand named Headthings, now resurrected as Head Tings began as an outlet of self-expression and self-determination. 

Xinia made all of her products: wire bands/wraps, scrunchies, hats and suede hair clips by hand. Bringing her wares to SoHo NYC, she built up a client base and was noticed by brands like Essence Magazine and Urban Outfitters, with the latter retailer placing a wholesale order of her creations.

In 1992, Xinia decided to pause Headthings to begin the next chapter of life, namely, motherhood upon the birth of her beautiful daughter, Maya Ennis.

In 2001, Xinia embarked yet again on another adventure as our family grew in size and Isaac was born!

In 2020, seeking a creative outlet, a connection to family and ancestry, along with understanding the distinctive products her mother created, Maya knew it was time to revitalize the brand, hence creating Head Tings LLC.

Today, Xinia Roweis an emerging Visual Artist and doll maker who resides in Brooklyn, NY and Maya Ennis, is a young professional who resides in Washington DC.

It is our hope that you will join us on this journey of tracing lineage and manifesting legacy through fabric, ingenuity and sheer determination.