Three life-long lessons I've learned from my mother

Over the years my mother and I have had ebbs and flows in our relationship as we both experienced and processed life’s stimuli. In recent years, we’ve come to the conclusion that at the core of our actions we are driven by the desire to deeply understand one another. Like in many relationships, ours has offered us a mirror to learn and grow from each other. Unlike other relationships, the one with my mother knows no bounds in love and care. In the words of Rumi,  “We are born of love; Love is our mother”.

Today I am reflecting on the three biggest lessons I have learned from my mother:

  • Striking out does not mean it's over. My mother was the first athlete I’d ever met and I always admired how strong she appeared playing any sport. While there was Billie Jean King, Flo Hyman, and Serena Williams, none of them compared to my very own Xinia Patricia Rowe. First in her class. Unmatched and undisputed. I grew up watching my mother command the court in her volleyball tournaments and eventually made the decision to join a league of my own. In the fifth grade, I laced up my boots, grabbed a helmet and took my chances with softball. By the end of the first game, I struck out every single time it was my turn at bat but my mother was there with comforting words and guidance. No matter what happened I needed to grip tight my bat and keep swinging. By game two, I still didn't hit any softballs but I definitely kept swinging! 
  • Don't be scared of the rain. Growing up in New York, we were fortunate enough to experience every season to its maximal impact. This included the rainy season! Every year, April rolls in and with it copious amounts of rain and thunderstorms. I had been weary of the rain and storms until one day my mother encouraged a family dance party outside during an episode of a torrential downpour. Needless to say, in our excitement my younger brother and I bolted towards the door, down the stairs, and out into the storm! The three of us grasping hands, stomping in puddles, spinning around wildly, delighting in the freedom of creating a moment for our own joy, and no longer hiding or shielding ourselves from the wind and rain. At this moment it became clear that no matter the conditions, as a family we can weather the storm together.
  • Dance like your steps are ordained. My mother’s sports ability is only matched by her dancing skills. No matter the location or sound, my mother can catch a beat and slide smoothly into the rhythm. I’ve watched her execute masterful dance moves equally well whether it be to a professional Conga player or to a bucket beating busker on the NYC subway--she is always ready to perform. To me, she has provided the greatest example of what it means to be so sure of your steps that you can gracefully walk and dance along your path regardless of how it's paved.

Each of these lessons have served me well and I hope you’ve gotten something out of them too. We are so excited to share this Mother’s Day series with you, along with our new Mamacita pattern. Thank you for reading and joining us as we celebrate the mother figures in our life!

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